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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we permitted to have alcoholic beverages on the bus?

Certainly! Assuming you and your guests are of legal drinking age (21+)


The bus is strictly BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) (NO GLASS ALLOWED). We do not sell any type of beverage on the bus. You must bring any drinks you intend to consume before your tour departs.

How many people can the party bus accommodate?

All of our buses can accommodate 30 passengers.

Should I make reservations in advance?

First come, first served is how we operate. Because of the high demand for our tours, we usually advise making reservations as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How does the music work?

Your tour guide is in charge of selecting the music based on the occasion. We will play any music that you request. Additionally, our speakers may be connected to a Bluetooth device so that you can listen to your own music.

Can I decorate the bus for my event?

Of course! While we appreciate decorations, there are certain restrictions.

• Decorations may be put up with masking tape or painter's tape, string, or suction cups on glass.


 • No confetti or glitter is allowed.

 • No “silly string” type products, colored tissue paper, or “Easter grass”.

 • No tape on floors or on the outside of the vehicle

 • All decorations must be removed along with tape, string, etc.

 • Painter’s tape or Masking tape is preferred.

 • Balloons or signs must be removed.


If any of these guidelines are broken, a $150 clean-up fee will be charged.

How much is a party tour?

Private Tours 


  • Before 9:00 PM $678 + taxes and fees (gratuity not included)

  • After 9:00 PM $752 + taxes and fees (gratuity not included)



  • Before 6:30 PM $678 + taxes and fees (gratuity not included)

  • After 6:30 PM $802 + taxes and fees (gratuity not included)


(If you wish to have a longer tour please contact us for pricing)

Single tickets: $55 + taxes and fees per person (Please check availability for public tours)

Are glass bottles permitted on the party bus?

For your protection and by city rules glass is not permitted on the party bus. It is required that all of the beverages you bring be in plastic or metal cans.

Where are the pick-up and drop-off locations?

Anywhere in downtown Miami, Brickell, Wynwood, Little Havana, or Coral Gables is eligible for pick-up and drop-off. It might be a home, hotel, bar, or restaurant within those areas.


You are unsure about whether your location falls inside our areas? We have a map ready for HERE  Type in your address to check

Do I have to make full payment upfront?

You can make a reservation for $200. You won't have to pay the total amount to complete your reservation. The final payment is due one day before your reservation.

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