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Rumbatours Bus Rules

Rules for Boarding

  • You must be 21 or older in order to ride the bus if alcohol is onboard.

  • Hold the handrail when boarding.

  • Do not push or shove others when they are in line or boarding the bus.

  • Once you are on the bus, quickly seat, we encourage you to stay seated. Stand at your own risk

Riding on the Rumbatours Open Air Party Bus

  • Please stay in your seat.

  • Never put your head, hands, or arms out the bus windows.

  • Help keep the bus clean. Do not throw trash on the floor or out the windows.

  • Keep objects out of the aisle. Bags jackets or personal items must be placed in the back or in the storage next to the seats.

  • Do not talk to or distract the driver.

  • Do not scale or climb the sides of the bus.

  • Do not play or touch the emergency exits.

  • Do not throw things at others on the bus or out the bus windows.

  • When we reach our final stop, have your things ready so you can leave without holding up others on the bus.

Getting off the bus

  • Stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Walk to the front of the bus and use the handrail while stepping off the bus

  • If you leave something on the bus and have already walked away from the door, do not go back for it. The bus driver may not see you coming back and might start driving away. Contact the office.

  • We are not responsible for the loss of Personal Items or Valuables Left on the bus.

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